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Q : How can I pay for the products?

A : You can pay online by credit card , PAYPAL. Or bank transfer . You can also order by calling on 1300 887 836. For more details for payment methods, please go to the following website:

Q : Do I need to email you that I paid by EFT?

A : No, do not email us as long as you have quoted your invoice number when EFT. We check our account every day and dispatch the payment has been received.

Q : If the product I bought does not work, what can I do?

A : Please call us or email us to advise the problem. If it is within the warranty, we would arrange swap or refund.

Q : When the order will be dispatched, and what kind of post will be used?

A : We will dispatch the order on the day you put the order (MON-FRI, will be on Monday if you put an order on Sat/ Sun). We will send it by registered post or regular parcel post, which both have tracking number on them.

Q : Do you have the products in stock?

A : Yes, that is why we are able to post the same day of ordering.

Q : How do I programme the remote?

A : The specific instruction will come with the product. If there is no instruction, you can juct copy the coding from the old remote to the new one.

Q : How long it will take for my online enquiry to be answered?

A : It can be answered within 24 hours from Mon to Fri.

Q : What is a conversion kit?

A : A conversion kit includes a receiver and keyring remotes. All you need to do is to attach the receiver with your existing motor according to the instruction, and then the remotes will work straight away. Your old remotes will not be affected.

Q : My door opener has a model number "TRV300" or "TRG300", or "TRV306", which remote I should choose?

A : TRG107 is the one.,43,40.685_MHz,TRG107,TRG107

Q : If I want to order by phone, what information I need to provide?

A : We have to know the brand or model number of the remote. For payment, we need credit card details.

Q : Where I can find the model number of the door opener?

A : Check the back of the motor to see if anything there?

Q : Can I use one remote to control 2 doors?

A : Yes, call us for more details.

Q : Why the remote I receive looks different from the one I have?

A : Typically, it is because the original one has been discontinued. In this case, a replacement, which works the same will be sent to you automatically.

Q : What can I do if my remote is discontinued?

A : You can find a replacement or attach a new receiver with your motor.

Q : How do I delete a existing coding from Dominator door opener?

A : Turn off power first for 20 seconds, then push "program" button twice , after several seconds, all lights will flash on and off. When LED 1 comes on, push and hold "program" button down until the light starts to flash, the coding in LED1 is now wiped. You may then (by pushing the program button once)cycle through each LED light and delete any of them required.

Q : How to reset B&D roller door travel limit?

A : All B&D roller door motor can be reset by follow steps (suit for MPC1, MPC2, MPC3,CAD5 and CADR)
1.Disengaged the roller door from the motor by move handle or pull the cord down.
2.Lift roller curtain in half way opening by hand(ring local technician if the door lift up heavy by hand)
3.Press Limit button on the wall control box onece.
4.Manual fully close the door then press Limit button again.
5.Manual fully open the door then press Limit button again
6.Engage back the motor and have a go.
Note: if the roller door is in poor condition please contact with B&D local dealer to fix up. to find local guy link:

Q : Can TRG - 107 "Magic Key" replace the Tilt A Matic Transmitters ?

A : TRG-107 "Magic Key" CAN replace most Tilt A Matic transmitters. You can get refund if it does not work. Please refer to our refund policy.

Q : How many dip switches in the TRG107 transmitter ?

A : It has 8 dip switches inside.

Q : What is a remote control?

A : A remote control is a device which can make an activation at distance by using the Electromagnetic waves. It is mainly composed by two units: one remote, transmitter, portable, carried by the user in the car or hand. one receiver, in fixed position, connected to the device to drive. The transmitter sends a message by means a radio wave to the receiver. The information present in the message is composed by a security code ( user code) and an accomplishment command. The receiver, once detected the radio message, make a comparison between the received code and the memorised code and if the operation is successfull , activates the relay, carrying out the command.

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