B&D key ring garage door remote contrlol for B&D Controll-A-Door 4, Controll-A-Door model 305, CADP,CADR Firmamatic, B&D GDO6V1, B&D BM4 openers.
also suit for B&D controll-a-door 4 (CAD4 model 062196, 062199, ) BM4 (062103/4400EBLDS), BM 4, Controll-a-door P,Easylift 62102/440EBD , 50739 420EBD and Firmamatic (model No. is 062400/4400EEO and Model 062196 / 4400EFM )

Good to know :

  • A remote with three big buttons CAD604 also available if prefer big buttons.
  • A remote with sun visor clip CAD601SV is available that easy clip on the sun visor.

This one has been upgraded to CAD605C.

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  • Brand: B&D
  • Model: CAD601
  • Code: 059116
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Status: In stock
  • Dimension: 69x36x14
  • Battery: 23A 12Volts
  • Switches:
  • Buttons: 4
  • Button Color: dark grey
  • Case Color: black
  • Size: Key ring (match box)

This one has been upgraded to


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